University of Phoenix Stadium gets Infrastructure Overhaul for Superbowl

SuperbowlThe NFL Super Bowl XLIX is fast approaching and fans are already excited enough to wait for the entertainment. The 2015 event is set to take place of February 1st at the University of Phoenix stadium. The stadium is home to NFL’s Arizona Cardinals. Super Bowl XLIX, the most-awaited games of the National Football League series of matches, often attracts thousands of fans from different places. Stadiums which host the event often need to make a number of upgrades and updates to their systems to ensure ultimate experience. While this may be a conventional understanding, not all upgrades produce the same experience. University of Phoenix has received various wireless infrastructures as part of their upgrades for improving watching experience.

Distributed antenna system

One of the major challenges experienced during big events like the Super Bowl is demand for data. With the availability of smartphones and portable web-accessing devices, the traffic felt at the stadium rapidly doubles. In order to uphold networking efficiency and handle all calls, messages, internet connections, uploads and downloads taking place, advanced technology is required. As the University of Phoenix stadium awaits its 72,000 fans for the fast approaching event, they have installed a distributed antenna system. The stadium has already been upgraded for superior mobile experience during the games. Antennas from Galtronics Corporation Ltd which is part of the much reputed Baylin Technologies were used as part of this upgrade. As reports said, the stadium upgrades were made for one main purpose which is to achieve ultimate mobile experience throughout the year. Nevertheless, the Galtronics antennas will ensure high quality mobile experiences during the Super Bowl games, Cardinal’s league games and in all the many events hosted at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Hardware specifications

Galtronics antennas were chosen as part of the wireless infrastructure installed for a superior mobile experience with no delays in loading time, connectivity or networking issues. The DAS upgrade antennas (EXTENT™ D5777i) achieve high-performance and are of unique specifications.
• EXTENT™ D5777i – This antenna was only recently announced by the manufacturers. The narrow beam antenna is first of its kind, as the only that is 30degree/30 and all-band. It is designed with special features to facilitate high sectorization within a stadium or venue. This property made it possible for engineers to implement a dense network within the stadium. The RF engineers particularly used this as a way to achieve seamless handling of high-capacity networking and communication within the stadium. The antenna is designed for fast roll-off beams and features minimal lobes on its sides. Additionally, it has a broad frequency range that has not been paralleled by any other existing stadium antenna technology. EXTENT™ D5777i has a range of 698 – 960 MHz and 1710 – 2700 MHz. This quality makes it the best antenna for venues and a futuristic choice for coming wireless network installations in other venues.

EXTENT™ D5777i is not the only high-tech antennas that Galtronics have produced. Other ranges such as the D5501i with 30 degrees/60 degrees and D5778i with 60 degrees/60 degrees are high-performance antennas that the company has installed. The main goal of designing these antennas is to enable the highest number of sectors to be supported within any stadium or venue. All antennas feature high-performance specifications at each design application and technology to achieve this kind of networking environment.

Wireless connectivity in venues

The installed EXTENT™ D5777i antennas from Galtronics are expected to allow and facilitate wireless connectivity in the University of Phoenix Stadium for all its anticipated 72,000 fans. The high number of fans will force a huge demand for data and channeled connectivity. Activities such as messaging, making and receiving phone calls and mails, browsing, uploading files, downloading files and live streaming are some of the most commonly engaged in Super Bowl venues. To ensure a high quality wireless connectivity experience, the venue will need high performing antennas that can channel as many sectors as possible. There have been previous cases of poor connections in stadiums sometimes forcing fans to get out and make their calls before coming back in. This is why RF engineers installed a dense network of antennas. The dense network and high-performance antennas are expected to support all the connectivity and networking requirements of the game or event day.

Additional wireless experience in place

There are various additional networking experiences besides the EXTENT™ D5777i wireless infrastructure used in the Phoenix University stadium. National Football League rolled out a Super Bowl in-stadium application that can be used to watch the game minus any of the boring commercials. However, the application is only available for those within the stadium on the day of the game and those headed to Phoenix in February may opt to try out how it performs. This will complement the full-feature DAS antenna system upgraded at the stadium although the application will be available for future games as well. As the Super Bowl fast approaches, Cardinals will be welcoming fans to thrilling football encounters integrated with high-quality efficient connectivity and networking.


The Phoenix University stadium upgrading began back in October of 2014 and recent enhancements have also been made. The stadium was reported to be fully upgraded for the 72,000 fans as excitement remain high over Football’s most awaited games in America. Everyone in the field will achieve fast internet connectivity and also be able to access the NFL application as they enjoy the heated tournament encounters. Cardinal’s fans will specifically enjoy these new upgrades since they will be available for all subsequent games.

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