Public Sector SolutionsThe public sector is always seeking new and innovative methods of delivering better services while cutting costs – or even generating revenue.  Mobility offers a unique combination of benefits and flexibility to meet those specific needs.  Bar code, RFID, and mobile computing technologies, along with software customized to the requirements of federal, state and local agencies and municipalities, can improve existing processes or be the spark to overhaul outdated methods.

MSA Systems, Inc. is a leading expert in the design, development, and support of bar code and RFID (radio frequency identification) systems for government agencies and departments of all kinds. We maintain strong partnerships with leading hardware and software companies. This enables us to provide secure, streamlined solutions that meet strict guidelines from the local level up to the Department of Justice (DOJ).  Barcoding is a technology that is uniquely equipped to help organizations strengthen their operational efficiency and meet new and ever-evolving requirements. Automating paper processes heightens security and responsiveness and cut costs in the face of a time with tighter budgets.

Barcoding and Mobile Hardware address the needs of Federal, State and Local agencies through specialized solutions such as:

  • Mobile Evidence Tracking: Enables officers to identify, document, and record evidence on site. The program also allows law enforcement to track evidence collected while on the crime scene, in route to the lab or station, and within the property and evidence locker. All evidence is tagged with the DSN, Case number, time and date, barcode number, and evidence description, and is uploaded into a database to help protect Chain of Custody.
  • Field Mobility Solution: Enables field workers to assign and complete work orders on their handheld devices, including fields such as craft person assignment, work description, floor and room code, and problem type. It enables field worker personnel to capture photographs, voice notes, sketches, digital signatures, barcode scans, and execute advanced algorithmic functions while in the field. It also gives users the ability to create entirely new mobile applications for any department using point-and-click features, without the need for custom programming.
  • Automated Moving Citation Processing: Increase revenue and decrease cost by enforcing traffic rules effectively, and printing tickets on site. Our system eliminates manual processing, reduces court challenges, and speeds up the collection process.
  • Computerize Collision and Accident Reporting: For traffic collisions, users can create and edit collision reports using an easily navigable report writing module. Automated Collision and DUI Report offers data capture, among other elements, vehicle and party information, scene information, movement preceding collision, roadway and weather conditions, sobriety data, as well as information for pedestrians, witnesses, and bicyclists.
  • Parking Citations. System Hosting and Support, Public Access Inquiry & Payments, State DMV Connection, Data Entry, Payment Processing, Registered Owner R/O Processing, Notice and Letter Generation, Court/Civil Reviews, Hearings & Appeals Scheduling, Delinquent Collections Interface, Comprehensive MIS Reporting Package.
  • Government Contracts. MSA Systems is one of the largest providers of technology in the United States and regularly executes contract pricing in  California and across the United States. If you are looking to bring technology solutions to your Municipality, City, County, State, or Federal office. Contact us right away to discuss a timeline to implement.