Site Surveys

Since wireless is invisible, often wireless and connectivity issues can manifest to look like system issues. Our team of trained engineers will use advanced tools to check your current setup site by site, prepare multi-level heatmaps to visually communicate potential issues, and be able to confidently position next steps to make your facility fully functional.


  • Local – Based in the United States, our team is dispersed to be able to accommodate needs in even Alaska and Hawaii. Connectivity is becoming more important every day. Our enterprises need to facilitate that growing need to access data.
  • Global – While MSA Systems is based in the United States, we live in a global economy and our projects often take us around the world, to Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and anywhere your business needs us.


  • Unlimited roaming and range: The location of the user with the portable device is irrelevant. No matter how far or how near a user is from the base provider, data can still be sent and received.
  • Guarantee of Delivery: All messages and data is guaranteed to be delivered regardless of where a user is located or the user’s status. Even if the portable device is turned off, when it is turned on again, the user will see a new message.
  • Dependability of Delivery: All messages are guaranteed of accurate and full transmission.
  • Notification: Notifies the user that there is data that has been sent and needs to be looked at.
  • Connectivity Options: Send and receiver are given a wide range of options not only in hardware for the portable device, but also are given options in receiving messages (choosing a type of connection for instance).
  • Millions of Users: Ability to engage millions of users.
  • Priority Alerts: Able to distinguish between messages and data that are of higher importance than others. Able to control high-priority data traffic and do so correctly and rapidly.
  • Communication: The ability to communicate between one user to another through one portable device to another where each portable device holds reliable and user-friendly software applications.
  • Host Reconfiguration: The ability to reconfigure when changing environments. For example, Person A is carrying a Palm Pilot that uses Bluetooth. Person A enters the office where there is an entire Bluetooth network set-up and Person A’s Palm Pilot configures to the settings of the office network. The end of the day comes, and Person A starts driving home. Person A gets home and walks inside where Person A’s home is set up with an entirely different Bluetooth network. Person A brings the Palm Pilot out and the Palm Pilot automatically reconfigures itself to the settings of the Bluetooth network in Person A’s home. Therefore, whether the Palm Pilot works in one environment and can detect when it has been moved to another environment and can set itself up wherever it is located.
  • Host Mobility: One host contains its settings on a network – its IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway Address, and so on. Now this one host decides to move somewhere else, this means that the host will have to change its settings all over again, but has to let others know that it has moved. Flexible mobility allows the host to come and go as it pleases and not even needing to alert others of its move. Communication with the host is still possible even if it has moved.
  • Dynamic Encapsulation: The need to register a mobile host with its base agent, perhaps using a login and logout request and alerts of activation and inactivation. This will prevent forged logins and having one’s precious date to be re-routed somewhere it should not be.

Project Management

The key to a successful project is in the management of the project. MSA Systems only employs the best of each specialty, representing decades of experience of best practices so that we can offer you the very best solution from people who have done it before, and know what is needed to succeed.

We will work with you to discover your current state, help you shape the end goal with best practices and standards, then build the plan utilizing our vast experience to get your business there.

You can chose your level of involvement, depending on your staffing availability and needs, and MSA Systems will fill in to ensure hitting the go live date.


MSA Systems engineers are well versed in technologies from Aruba to Zebra and Honeywell.


  • Distribution – Many of our customers come from the warehousing space as more and more visibility and real time collection becomes possible.
  • Health Care – Hospitals have very unique needs around security, but also guest access that needs to be filtered for content appropriateness.
  • Education – Another industry that needs not only a secure network for private data, but also a filtered network for the growing requirements in mobile computing and interactive classes.
  • Global Business – Wide Area Networks can bring a local feel to a distributed business, allowing each location to easily share information and data.