Recommendations for School Wireless Infrastructure

InfrastructureTechnological trends have it possible for students to access a wide variety of online material. This is through use of varying devices that operate through wireless infrastructure and thereby enabling the student to gain access to the internet. It is through such platform that students are also able to interact with other others from different schools, join contests, carry out research on various topic, sit for exams and as well make submissions for assignments alongside other issues. It is in such regard that learning institutions need to create infrastructure that enable access to such facilities while still maintaining the security of the school information and that of their students. This is further enhanced by the fact that t the convenience of carrying around the devices and incorporation of web based apps that are easily available for easier learning as well as giving access to other learning resources.

Administration level vs. student level security

An ideal wireless infrastructure for a school should be one that enhances the security aspects of the institution within which it is created. This should be done in all levels to ensure that information is maintained within the necessary security limits. The schools administration carries within its storage facilities that contain loads of information. This includes from among others student records, financial reports for the school as well as information from various departments within the institution.

This is done through giving a certain segment of mobile devices either in accordance to device type or category of user’s permission to have access to certain gateways communicators. An example is where the students are given access to a certain line in the library where they gain access based on the subject that are pursuing. The same group is denied access to various administrative information through use of web-content filtering.

Capacity and coverage

In most k-12 districts of the United States, most rural schools and those in remote areas the serve student communities have no access to broadband this is a factor that is mostly attributable to distance. In such, the cost of connecting the institutions become overly unmanageable hence creating the need for seeking alternative sources. This includes among other available options making use of the modern day wireless technologies that include among others point to point, point to multi-point and mesh solutions can be an ideal way to sort the problem.

Based on a wireless networks management system such as the Motorola One point wireless suit, it form an affordable and fast services this is ideal for use in geographically diverse areas. It is in such areas where in other circumstances the students would not have had access to such remote services. With the services supporting an array of mobile devices, the students can now enjoy the great internet access. With the low level of accessibility tend the great load that is ever present in institutions of learning, the students are allowed to use more than one mobile devices for internet access as this will enable for access through different gateways and in such way make the process much faster.

Application level filtering

Despite the fact that the students get to use different access devices, the gateways and other access points are normally the same. With the same access points, there arises the need to create filter point to ensure that each and every cadre of students gains access to only what they are rightfully allowed. This is done to reduce instances of access unwarranted information such as a student gaining access to the teacher’s documents and other related materials. It is in this perspective that such access points are governed through application of policies that limits the bandwidth a specified group is allowed to gain access to a certain amount of content.

Directory services and device registration

To ensure that the level of access being enjoyed is warranted, the user’s database is always important. This is important to ensure that there is a follow-up of materials posted as well as those access to reduce instances of having incriminating, inciting or other such materials as would disrupt the peaceful co-existence of the students and or other within the institutions parameters. This includes among other factors ensuring that each and every one of the users, group and devices being used can be identified from the database. This includes issuance of usernames and passwords that the students use as a mode of identification. This is then followed by creation of an appropriate application that can easily identify the various devices used and match them alongside the identification details of the said student.

Planning for a wireless network

Installation of wireless networks in learning institution has proved to be among the most expensive undertakings by the institutions. This owes to the fact that the rate at which the industry is growing dictates for regular and consistent updates of the infrastructure and other devices used in the communication models. In a survey conducted by one of the industry players, it indicated that by 2015, most of the appliances used in networking in institutions most them will be obsolete. This means that such will be requiring to be changed soon. It is for this reason that any institution willing to install the wireless network requires to consult widely.

This includes among other factors seeking the services of designers who will ensure that any appliances gives room for upgrades and in such way ensure that not every new upgrade that is brought about that call for an overhaul of the whole system. This is also ideal in ensuring that either the levels of security are ensured and in case of an event required repairs or upgrades the information stored within the system is left safe and secure and more so in the right hands. This will include among other factors ensuring that the right hardware is used for the installation as well as development of necessary software solutions that would befit the system.

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