Let Juno Prepare You for a Stronger Supply Chain

JunoJust like taxes, once a year you can expect weather to disrupt your life and your shipping needs. It is even more important during this time to have a positive relationship with your customers.

When expecting delays, you want to ensure you have a good relationship with your customers. So, if the worst happens, you can find a solution as a team, and the customer feels like they have been heard.

Shipper-receiver relationships can have a significant impact on the carrier’s engagement and satisfaction. That’s especially true when the carrier gets caught in the middle between two parties. Don’t leave them there. Shippers are ultimately responsible for resolving the issues carriers have with receivers. Ultimately, any negative treatment will adversely impact your relationship with the carrier.

Storms, like Juno, currently hitting the north east, may cause severe delays in shipments and create tension between the supplier and end customer. Having a tracking system, and knowing where your product is during shipment, will allow you to keep customers informed of where there product is.

Years ago, I was faced with a delivery issues related to the Uni-bomber and security issues. By being upfront with the customer and letting them know the situation, they were able to identify with the issues they were hearing on the news. This created a positive solution centered environment that actually lead to an increase in customer satisfaction.

Maintaining a good relationship with your customers throughout the year will help in elevating the tension when crisis hits. If your customers feel they can trust you during the bad times, they will continue to trust you during the good.


SRC: SupplyChain24/7


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