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Since wireless is invisible, often wireless and connectivity issues can manifest to look like system issues. Our team of trained engineers will use advanced tools to check your current setup site by site, prepare multi-level heatmaps to visually communicate potential issues, and be able to confidently position next steps to make your facility fully functional.

MSA has been a leader in large scale wireless deployments for over 10 years. We have implementations with major grocery chains, distribution environments, educational and technical institutions, banks, and all types of technology firms across the US and Canada. Our engineers have expertise in designing and implementing wireless solutions in various types of environments such as retail, warehouses, freezers, campuses, outdoor and point-to-point or multi-point bridging and more.

Some examples of our detailed, custom site surveys:

Aruba Test Results
This report shows the test results for the following categories:
WLAN & Network Speed and Performance
Device and Network Authentication
Survey Results and Range of AP Represenation

Test Procedure and Plan

Site Survey Master

This report is meant to determine the layout of WLAN and AP assignment within their buildings. This specific company operates a BYOD culture for both employees and contractors. This leads to the need for monitoring, management, security and reporting features in order to maintain the network performance, security and experience.

Wireless Site Survey

The WLAN AP layout design process optimizes all the AP positions to allow the minimum of difficulty and work scope for all portions of the full project scope, including cable pulling, AP attachments and additional equipment requirements.

WLAN Assessment Report

This document is an engineering site assesment that was conducted to look at the current wireless coverage. The report includes detailed pictures of the current wireless coverage throughout a building. It is essential for a company to understand their WLAN coverage as several devices used by company personnel depend on wireless internet. Some of those devices include tablets, laptops, and other hand held mobile devices that are essential for a work force.

Wireless Site Survey Report

IT management requested an RF (Radio Frequency) site survey at multiple campuses throughout the world for an upcoming wireless proof-of-concept (POC) project. The main trigger points for the infrastructure overhaul revolve around new applications that will be deployed (i.e. Jabber/Lync), giving employees the ability to communicate with other people in the organization using voice/video services.

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