An unacceptable number of assets are found missing after each year end inventory evaluations. While many companies might not need a full inventory management system, they might still have specific requirements to track their assets and where they are located.

This is often the case with high value or high risk assets. These could be as simple as carts of TV’s or projectors for schools, high end like crash carts for hospitals, or high risk like fire arms for police stations.

For those situations where you want to track your assets, but don’t need the full scale or visibility of a warehouse management system, MSA Systems can also help integrate a number of asset tracking systems.

Barcoding is a great way to track the assets individually when each needs to be accounted for and has specific information. RFID is for companies who need more automated control over their inventories and desire to track items in cases.

Benefits of RFID Tracking

  • Maximize Asset Accountability
  • Improve Asset Utilization
  • Reduce Capital & Operational Costs
  • Automate Inspections & Maintenance
  • Attach Additional Documents to Records

RFID Radio Wave Technology

UHF RFID enables items and people to be tracked through choke-point detection zones and with portable scanners. The lowest cost for tags and is usually the default technology.

Active RFID is constantly broadcasting and allows items and people to be tracked within approximately 500 meters or defined range.

WiFi RFID can be placed on assets or people in coordination with WiFi access points and will detect locations within the range of the access points.