Back to Basics in Supply Chain Optimization

The supply chain is a network comprising manufacturers, distributors, retailers, customers, transporters, processes and application systems as well as mathematical models. This network is aimed at one purpose which entails ensuring products and services are delivered to final customers in their requested descriptions within desired time frames. However, companies must […]

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Six Sigma Basics

What is Six Sigma? Six Sigma was established in the mid 1980s as a means to improve manufacturing operations. These projects are designed to improve processes by identifying and removing the reason for the defects or errors. The name Six Sigma, is derived from the theory that states, if you […]

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The Importance Of Including Key Personnel In Your Project 

Key Personnel for Project Management

In order to secure funding for your project, deal with policy conflicts or conflicts of interest and viewpoints among stakeholders, and generally ensure the success of a project, good project management is important. It is also important for a project manager to include certain key personnel in the Project Definition […]

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