Project Management

MSA Systems takes each project with care. We only accept and move forward on projects that we are confident will be success for all parties. While each project is unique, how we handle them are generally the same. We have built this structure based on years of field experience and hundreds of successful projects. You may recognize these stages from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Project Initiation

New projects will begin after a discovery has been made and a demonstration of the software has been provided and the client signs off on the proposal of time and monies. At that point resources will be brought in and assigned. Generally we will conduct a kick-off meeting with MSA Systems, the Client, and any other parties who may be working in concert.

Project Planning

After the kickoff call has been established and all parties are brought together, modes of communication will be established so all parties can connect to the resources they need for success.

MSA Systems will work with the Client and ancillary resources to set milestones and deliverables which usually include a test system, configurations, testing, training, and go live. Once those milestones are identified a work breakdown structure can be created to add a time element to each and the sub tasks that comprise the milestone.

At this point we will identify any potential risks that might affect the successful and timely completion of the project, along with the plan to mitigate those risks.

Project Execution

The project execution and project monitoring and Control are the 2 phases that mostly occur simultaneously. A lot of project management tasks during this phase capture project metrics through tasks like status meetings and project development updates, status reports, human resource development and performance reports. The project execution phase involves adhering to the plan and executing the deliverables.

Project Monitoring and Control

Throughout the project we will manage the scope to ensure success in time and finances. There may be occasion when the scope changes, and those change requests can be integrated to the project timeline and budget.

We recommend regular, periodic meetings or calls to ensure visibility to all aspects between stakeholders and ensure all tasks are moving as planned and all people involved have the resources they need to complete their tasks.

Project Closure

Software project closures are often identified as go lives. The actual go live is a milestone where the systems are switched over, but the project continues to include support for a short period following. Once all parties are satisfied on the end result and the new processes, the project terminates and the Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) begins.

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