Mobile Evidence Tracking

mobile-evidence-trackingOur Mobile Evidence Tracking Solution is a software designed for the unobtrusive tracking of evidence. eTWIST is perfect for law enforcement, military, or private enterprise applications requiring the ability to facilitate Chain of Custody. The officer can identify, document, record, and track evidence while at the scene of the crime with a Motorola® MC Series Mobile Computer and a Zebra® Mobile Printer . Using the vehicle’s adapter or the cellular option of the MC Series, all data including the officer’s DSN, case number, time and date, bar code number, and evidence description are uploaded to a database to help protect Chain of Custody from the scene of the crime to the property room and within the property room.

One of the primary considerations in ensuring judicial fairness is the guarantee that evidence brought before a trial court is of the utmost integrity. Evidence admissibility in court is dependant on unbroken visibility of “chain of custody”, protecting the truth!

Police Officer StandingManual Process

  • On-Scene Paper Forms with Evidence Bags
  • Paper Logs for managing transfers to storage and court
  • Duplicate data entered into backend systems pulls officer out of the field
  • On-Scene Collection, Storage, Transfers, Disposition


  • Reduce errors
  • Keep feet on the street
  • Insure admissibility of evidence
  • Asset Visibility

Often police officers are confined to a desk at the police station repeatedly entering data into their back-end report systems, instead of being out patrolling the streets. The average police agency receives about 100 cases per week, about 25 of those cases require evidence tracking, taking officers on average 2 hours to input the evidence information into their back-end systems. This equates to 50 man hours each week, or one police officer per year, is spent in front of a computer screen entering in repetitive data, often multiple times.

eTWIST allows police officers to collect, enter, and scan the evidence out in the field using the Motorola® MC Series and RFID or bar code labels, then upload the collected information via an adaptor or cellular network option on the handheld to the police municipalities back-end system. This option will help officers keep crime scene Chain of Custody.

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