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The Reasons Behind BYOD’s Rapid Popularization

Bring Your Own Device Times have changed and tables have turned; in the past when IT infrastructure was considered expensive to the end consumer, it was more affordable to companies and corporations than it was to their employees. Companies were hence expected to purchase and upgrade computing equipment for their employees which meant that a corporation’s data was exclusive to its infrastructure. However, computing devices have become affordable to everyone including entry-level employees which have led to the embrace of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend by most employers. BYOD is a general term which describes arrangements where employees bring their own device be it a PC, a tablet or a Smartphone with which to access and manipulate company data. It umbrellas other policies like Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT), Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) and Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC). Initially, Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) was the most popular since it was about convenience for the employee and especially those who work in the field; managing both personal data and work data on the same device frees you from the constraints of carrying several of them. After the benefits of BYOP manifested, corporations started implementing the policy for PCs and Tablets which gave birth to BYOPC and BYOT.

Why are Companies Embracing BYOD?

It’s obvious that one would want to know why a corporation would risk deploying its data on an employee’s device while it would be safer on its own infrastructure. Some argue that it’s just another trend which happens to intrigue CEOs which is partly true although there are other lucrative benefits which motivate implementation. Below are some of the most significant.

Increased Productivity

Using the conventional desktop computer provided at the workplace makes an employee feel restricted which negatively affects their production. However, allowing them to use the same device their use to run personal applications brings in the notion of seeing work as fun rather than oppression. Besides, an employee can customize their device so that its appearance and functionality suits their preference which is known to heighten motivation. Apart from the psychological effects which push an employee to work harder when they bring their own device, most IT managers now acknowledge the fact that all of an employee’s devices can be combined and are far more convenient that what the workplace can provide. For instance, an employee who carries their tablet, Smartphone and PC to work can continue running work related applications at the water cooler or during the lunch hour; you realize that a workplace desktop cannot offer this kind of flexibility.

Improved Motivation and Collaboration Between the Employees

Back when PCs were still considered a revolution, it was hard for employees to share ideas in the workplace and when this was necessary, one had to call someone over to their workstation so as to explain an idea they were developing. However, if an employee has a tablet computer on which company data can be accessed then they can discuss ideas with colleagues in the elevators, in corridors and most attractive all, in space by use of text messages and applications which allow sharing of media files.

BYOD Attracts Hires Which Would be Impossible Otherwise

In recent years, talented professionals whose skills are in high demand have shown an interest to work as Freelancers rather than adhere to a 9 to 5 schedule in workplaces they describe as boring. BYOD helps creative managers tap into this talent by allowing such professionals to work from the convenience of their homes. Besides, with BYOD there is no limit as to when one can work. If for instance a sales representative fails to complete a presentation by the time they are allowed to be in the workplace, they can carry on later at night. The allowance to carry work home is known to reduce the pressure on an employee which provides a good environment for creative development of ideas.

It is Cost Effective

A company or a corporation which embraces BYOD will soon find out that it does not have to spend on IT infrastructure for its employees. If an employee is willing and insists on using their phone or PC to run work applications, it is not necessary that the employer purchase an extra computer or phone. It should also be noted that it’s far easier for an employee to upgrade their device than it is for a corporation; this points out that employees could be having faster and more powerful gear than what is provided by their employers. Embracing the trend therefore implies that a corporation can spend more on upgrading core IT infrastructure and leave employees to upgrade when it is appropriate and to something they like.

When is a Company Ready to Embrace BYOD?

Considering security threats and other risks a company is exposed to by allowing employees to use their own devices, embracing BYOD needs preparation and proper training of staff members. First and foremost, the company has to upgrade its security to make sure its systems are not susceptible to malicious attacks and unauthorized access by malicious parties. Next, the company has to train its employees on the essence of keeping their devices safe at all times. In addition to double checking the integrity of your security strategies, it is also important that employees respect work even whilst their use their own devices. Before implementation, you should emphasize that it is not ethical to run personal business during work hours just because an employee has easy access to their personal data. To bring out the best from your employees, you have to let them used a platform of their own preference. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your data is consistent with all popular mobile platforms as well as Operating Systems t avoid inconveniencing some of your employees. To learn how to get your company ready for a BYOD implementation, contact MSA Systems today.

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