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Most warehouses are a company’s largest asset and the key to profitability while at the same time represent the most target rich area for improvements in efficiencies and cost savings. QStock Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the natural extension to QuickBooks because it seamlessly captures, keeps track of and reports on critical transactions, information and actions that take place in the warehouse.

Critical business drivers such as cost, speed, and accuracy are all addressed by utilizing this powerful and easy-to-use warehouse management system. QStock can integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks or run in stand alone mode. Warehouse transactions such as receiving, picking, shipping and material handling are processed through simple user prompts and bar code scans on wireless RF Scanners.

QStock replaces the slow error prone paper based warehouse operations with high speed and accurate transactions while preserving all of QuickBooks’s functionality in the same way users have grown to expect it with no retraining.

The real-time monitoring console provides access to real-time and historic warehouse information providing a powerful tool for financial and warehouse managers to make informed and efficient decisions, and take action inside and outside the warehouse.The intuitive wireless bar code scanners allow the warehouse staff to efficiently complete their daily tasks in an organized environment and in far less time than a manual system ever afforded them.

You will tighten the controls in your warehouse by using QStock to maintain better inventory accuracy and minimize write-downs and write-offs, while still meeting warehouse performance objectives and various compliance requirements of your customers.


QStock provides a cost-effective extension to QuickBooks that combines ease of use with a state of the art warehouse management system designed to be used in a real time wireless environment. QStock utilizes wireless handheld scanners, bar code printers, and other devices to provide real-time updates of your inventory, purchase orders, sales orders, production, put away, picking, and shipping. Standard barcodes can be scanned and printed using radio frequency technology.


  • UCC 128 Compliant
  • Print Product/UPC Labels for Put-away
  • Validates Receipts to POs
  • Container Receiving and Shipping
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cross Docking
  • License Plating
  • Print License/ Pallet Labels
  • Robust RMA Processing
  • Directed Put-away
  • Directed Picking
  • Optimal picking paths


  • Powerful Management Console
  • Order Allocation
  • Cycle Counting
  • Physical Inventory
  • Misc. Adjustments
  • Container Tracking
  • Serial/Expire/Lot Tracking
  • Variable Units of Measure
  • Min Max Replenishment
  • Dedicated/Non-Dedicated Bin Locations
  • Robust RMA Tracking and Reporting


  • Bill of Lading
  • Pack List
  • Special Instructions
  • Custom Labels
  • Shipping Labels at Beginning of Pick
  • Shipping Labels at End of Pick
  • Shipping Interface to Fed Ex, UPS and Multi-carrier shipping options like ShippinEasy and Shipstation


  • Work Order MFG Module
  • Custom ERP Interfaces
  • Custom Labels
  • Wireless Infrastructure Implementation
  • WMS Software Training and Support
  • WMS Implementation
  • Software and Hardware Support


  • Integration to you Accounting System
  • Ability to Operate in Stand Alone Mode
  • Full Audit Trail of Products and Staff
  • Operator Security Levels by Role

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