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WiNG Wireless Networking for Productivity, Mobility, and Automation

The increasing demand for high-performance and reliable wireless connectivity in manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics is beyond the capabilities of traditional wireless networks. Industrial requirements for wireless communications, devices, and software applications demand an industrial-strength solution that is designed to maximize operational productivity, mobility, and automation. At MSA Systems, Inc., we meet this challenge with next generation WiNG Wireless LAN from Zebra Technologies, offering best-in-class industrial wireless connectivity and unfailing performance at a price designed to meet rapidly growing needs at an affordable cost.

With Zebra’s WiNG WLAN, you can transform your warehousing and logistics operations with uninterrupted, enterprise-wide service featuring unbeatable reliability, connectivity, and data security. Using the latest 802.11ac wireless standard and an entirely new approach to network infrastructure, WiNG provides an intelligent, self-optimizing, and self-healing network that avoids the headaches of network slowdowns, disconnects, and service outages. This next generation technology delivers world-class wireless performance across all computers and mobile devices in your operations, giving you a competitive edge in achieving more automated processes that maximize productivity and accuracy while minimizing errors and returns as well as lowering overall operating costs. Best of all, with an ultra-fast and zero-touch installation process, your wireless network can be up and running in no time, at up to 50% lower cost than other solutions.

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Operations and IT Leaders:

“How to Make Your Wireless Networks Industrial Strength”

A practical guide to understanding the fundamental requirements for reliable, high-performance industrial wireless networks.

IT Leaders:

“WiNG 5: Next Generation Advanced WLAN Operating System”

Learn how the latest, next generation wireless networking technology and operating system deliver optimal performance through distributed network intelligence and advanced architecture. Includes specifications, features, security details, and more.

WiNG Wireless Networking Overview

High-speed, Reliable Wireless LAN

  • Enterprise-wide high-speed Wi-Fi and communications
  • Industrial wireless for lean, automated operations
  • No network slowdowns, bottlenecks, or service outages
  • Next generation technology for maximum performance
  • Supports voice, data, and all devices and applications
  • Distributed network intelligence for optimal efficiency
  • High bandwidth available indoors and outdoors
  • Meets growing needs and demand at minimal cost
  • Connectivity and mobility for employees and guests

Scalable, Secure, and Easy to Manage

  • Self-healing and self-optimizing network
  • Traffic routed automatically for best performance
  • Fast and easy to install, configure, and maintain
  • No specialized resources or knowledge required
  • Scalable for your current and future needs
  • Simple diagnostics for monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Highly secure with encryption and authentication
  • No high-cost controller hardware required
  • Up to 50% lower installation costs than competing solutions*

* Based on comparison of WiNG WLAN against the nearest competitor

Record-setting Wireless Performance

WiNG WLAN from Zebra Technologies holds the official Guinness Book of World Records mark for wireless throughput with 84 simultaneous video streams delivered through a single wireless access point!

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At MSA Systems, we help our clients achieve greater operational productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness by providing turnkey mobility solutions that include wireless networking, hardware, software, barcoding, and RFID. Since 1996, we have been a trusted partner for clients throughout the western U.S. and around the world, including Safeway, Airtech, Beckman Coulter, Pacific Coast Fruit, and Meyer Distribution. By leveraging best-in-class wireless networking, mobile computing, and data capture technologies, we help businesses grow and improve profitability in their warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, and mobile sales and field operations.  In partnership with Zebra Technologies, the global leader in wireless networking and infrastructure, we are offering free consultation to help you analyze your warehousing and logistics needs and explore your options in upgrading to next generation wireless LAN to achieve wireless mobility and greater automation for your company. With Zebra’s WiNG wireless, we can help you streamline your operations, automate critical processes, and transform your business with improved efficiency and profitability.

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