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  1. How can we support all the wireless devices and connectivity that our campus needs without bogging down our network?
  2. We upgraded our wireless network in the past, but we still have slow or unreliable service. How can we fix this?
  3. How can we protect our wireless network and our sensitive school data from hacking and cyberattacks?
  4. What technologies can we use to improve our campus security and student services?
  5. How can we better track our computers, equipment, and textbooks so we can prevent costly losses and theft?

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Every day, we hear questions from schools about the challenges that they face in keeping up with technology needs and delivering the best possible security, services, and solutions for their campus communities. The good news is that there are answers to these questions in the latest wireless technologies and integrated solutions for private schools.

Informed by our experience in serving educational clients such as [INSERT EDUCATIONAL CLIENT EXAMPLES HERE], we offer tips, insights, and advice to help your school meet the most pressing challenges of today’s educational needs. As a free service to school administrators and IT staff, we have prepared two free Q&A reports designed to answer some of the most common questions that we hear from schools like yours.

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School Administrators: “Q&A: Expert Answers to Top Technology Questions from Private Schools” 

Get valuable advice on strategies and wireless solutions to tackle the today’s toughest school technology challenges.

School IT Staff: “Q&A: Recommendations for the Latest Wireless School Solutions

Get answers and recommendations for upgrading and choosing the latest wireless networking technologies, smart ID card printers, barcoding and RFID solutions, and more.

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Since 1996, MSA Systems, Inc. has been a leader in wireless technology solutions including wireless infrastructure, system integrations, barcode and RFID solutions, software, and services. We serve public and private schools, educators, and private sector companies, and our clients include [INSERT PRIVATE K-12 OR OTHER EDUCATIONAL EXAMPLES HERE]. We are committed to working with you to help you tackle your toughest technology educational challenges, empower your students and staff, and deliver affordable, high-performance wireless technology to meet your unique needs. As part of this mission, we have partnered with Zebra Technologies, a global leader in wireless networking, to offer free consultation to help you evaluate your school wireless networking needs and develop an upgrade or installation plan to suit your current and future demands and budget. With our expert insights and the power of next generation Zebra networking, we can help you build the ideal wireless campus.

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