Structure Cable Installation

Structure premise Cabling Systems (SCS) is the configuration of cabling and associated hardware for any particular telecommunications infrastructure, whether for voice, data, video networks or a wide range of usages.  Our teams will work with the customer to discuss current and future requirements; any issues with current infrastructure, special requirements for installation (i.e. cabling to be installed inside of conduit, or underfloor, aerial, burial as well as firewall ratings, etc.).

Our teams adhere to the industry standardization of cabling installation as defined by the American National Standards Institute/Telecommunications Industry Association/Electronics Industries Alliance (ANSI/TIA/EIA).

Design Services: Each Structured Cabling System (SCS) is unique, and many factors must be taken into consideration when designing a strong, reliable and manageable cabling system. During a survey of the site; MSA personnel in coordination with the customer, will determine:

  • Customer requirements
  • Architectural structures of the buildings
  • Paths to be used (indoor, truss, aerial, underground, etc.)
  • Required mounting hardware
  • Type and characteristics of equipment that the cabling installation will support, both current and future
  • Determine if any additional electrical requirements will be needed
  • Type of equipment enclosures will be required for installed equipment (wall mount, floor mount equipment racks and/or cabinets)
  • Cable required (Category 5E, Category 6, fiber optical, coaxial) and termination connectors
  • Determine distance of cable required for each termination point
  • Labeling requirements

Design services are for new and existing facilities, production plants, warehouses, offices, entrance facilities, outdoor parking lots, marinas, high-rise buildings, arenas, shopping malls, medical facilities, schools and training facilities, freezers and many more.

Voice and Data Cabling: Weather you want to extend your existing Demarc to another location, add phone lines to an existing Plain Old Telephone System (POTS), move existing phone lines from one location to another location, change phones from POTS to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), remove phone lines from PBX to another voice system;, such as voice gateway, adding a conference phone or fax lines. Extend circuits such as T1, DSL, or POTS provided by your provider to a designated location MSA Systems will work with you to design, plan and install your voice network. MSA Systems has experiences in performing these services in many different type of environments.

Fiber Optics: MSA teams will work with you on what type of equipment, termination connectors, housing and jumpers you may require.  There are 16 different types of connectors still in use today, even though some are obsolete, they are still in use in some existing networks today. The type connection you require for your network equipment; the common connectors used today in most Ethernet networks are:  

  • LC (Lucent Connector, or little connector)
  • SC (Standard Connector
  • ST (Straight Connector)
  • FC (Ferrule Core Connector)
  • MT-RJ (Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack or Media Termination –recommended jack). 

These will come in multi-mode (62.5 micron or 50 micron) and single mode.  We will also work with you on the selecting the proper termination unit at the TRs, the correct fiber jumpers to connect between the network equipment and the fiber termination unit. Fiber jumpers do not have to be the same type connector at both ends (i.e. SC to LC could be SC from the light interface unit (LIU) and LC to the fiber module on the network switch). 

Depending on your fiber termination locations, we will work with you on the type of fiber required for the installation.  May be armored fiber, in-door/outdoor, direct burial, if  a housing such as inner-duct or conduit is required; the number of standards required for the current and future requirements (2 to 864 strands per bundle), and if single path or redundant path required. 

Testing and labeling: Wiring infrastructure is the foundation for every network, and our cable installation services includes testing and certification, labeling both ends of the termination points and providing installation documentation. This includes all types of cable media, retro-fit or new installation, small or large networks.

Server Room Build-Outs: The server room usually houses your business and when a server goes down then is could be very costly.  This needs to be planned out to not only include the current bandwidth and/or number of users; but for the future.  The type of cabling, servers, electrical power, cable management, equipment housing, temperature of the room, access to the room for installation.  Working on an existing build out will also require coordination for down-time for connection on new equipment or cables.

TR Retro fit before and after

Telecom Rooms: Telecommunication Rooms (TRs) may be located in a large room, closet or mounted on the truss or on the wall housed inside an equipment cabinet or rack. May be adding network equipment to an existing network or installing a new network. During the planning and/or survey MSA will determine location of TR, if electrical power is available and if available is it enough to power the equipment. Type of housing required for the network equipment, wall mount, floor mount, equipment rack or cabinet. Type of backbone cabling required, type of horizontal cabling required, distances and paths of all cabling, grounding and bonding requirements, firestop (for fire rated walls), plenum and non-plenum spaces.   

Wire Racking before
Wire Rack After

Outside cabling: There are many uses that may require outside of building cabling, such as security cameras in the parking lot; intercom at entrance, loading docks away from buildings; outdoor testing areas, marinas, shipping ports, auctions, network connection between buildings, inventory of stock (i.e auto dealers) or incoming or outgoing merchandise and the list continues.  MSA installation teams have vast experience in outside cabling installations.  We can take care of your aerial cabling, underground cabling, wireless bridging, and access point and antenna installations. We will work with the customer to determine the best solution.    

Security Camera Cabling: The site survey will determine location of cameras as well as location of security office.  The type cable and connectors will be determined during the site survey. Cable testing and labeling will be in accordance with industry standards. Type of locations, warehouses, docks, parking lots, offices will be identified during the site survey.

Audio/Visual Cabling: MSA Systems can assist with all of your Audio/Visual (A/V) installation requirements cabling and/or hardware. Whether you need to set-up for business meetings, training rooms, auditoriums for presentations or conferences, court rooms, or medical facilities.

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