Greg Brazelton – IT Director

Toysmith has been acquainted with the intelligent folks at MSA Systems for nearly 10 years. We met Majid during an onsite presentation of a Warehouse Management System. We also worked with Shadi and Kim while we were just getting our feet wet in WMS, RF, and the whole technology. They were able to understand our laymen questions, and addressed our questions thoroughly. While our WMS purchase went to a different vendor, we were quite impressed with the professionalism and knowledge that Majid and his colleagues presented.  At the time of our chosen WMS implementation, unfortunately we aligned with the “suggested” equipment vendor of our new WMS. After a short and trying time with that company, we worked our way through three local hardware/RF vendors, mostly because we had concern about MSA not being local. I can assure you that was a huge mistake; the service we have received, once we finally figured out we needed to be working with MSA Systems for handhelds, printers, labels, and support, has been outstanding. The remote support has far surpassed anything our local vendors were able to provide, even when standing in our facility. MSA Systems definitely knows their domain, and I can honestly recommend their services.